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Do I need a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists in Paediatrics 

work with a wide range of young people. Your GP, Maternal Child Health Nurse or Paediatrician might suggest Physiotherapy, although you don’t need a referral to see a Physiotherapist. You can contact a Physiotherapist directly if you have concerns about your child’s physical development, posture or growth.

Children's physio

Do you have concerns about….


Head shape- baby with flat spot, head always turned to one side?

Baby feels stiff or floppy, or uses one side of the body more?
Growth and posture- flat feet, bow legs, knock knees, clicky hips?

Delays in development- slow to hold head up, sit, crawl, pull to stand by 1 year old, walk…?

Bottom shuffling, asymmetical crawling
Funny walk/ run- unusual postures, toe walking, poor co-ordination, falling often?

child, teenager, adolescent, young adult


Walk funny, fall often, run funny, difficulty jumping, hopping?

Difficulty with stairs?

Growth and Posture- flat feet, bow legs, knock knees, curved spine (scoliosis)?

Sports injuries? Recovery from accidents or surgery?

Sore legs, sore joints, aching muscles?

Difficulties with games- poor ball skills, hand/eye co-ordination, holding a bat/racquet?

Difficulties at the playground- climbing, slides, swings?


Sore joints, sore muscles?

Accident or injury?

Sports injury, overuse injuries?

Poor posture- Technology/ school bags/ study habits?

Skills training for sport and recreation

Girl in wheelchair, disability, sport, recreation, skills, mobile


Does your child or teenager have a motor delay or disability that affects how they move around and participate in activities?

Do they need help to stay flexible, strong, get mobile, stay mobile or be active?

Sue at Kids-Physio can help with assessment, goal setting, intervention (general/ post botox/ post surgery), prescription of orthotics and equipment. Sue can assist with inclusion at childcare, kinder, school, work and/or community activities, and also skill development for recreation/ sport.

Many adults can now access funding for therapy through NDIS. Physiotherapists who work with children understand the impact of disabilities and can work well with young adults with disabilities.


Sue at Kids-Physio can help with advice or intervention with any of these or related issues.

Contact Sue to discuss your needs and how Physiotherapy can help.


Working with children is FUN!! 

Babies and young children learn best through play. Learn how to structure your child’s play to achieve their goals. Often children are having so much fun they don’t realise they are working hard. Kids-Physio will work with your routines to design treatments that fit your lifestyle.
Older children and teenagers still enjoy having fun and their treatment may be combinations of exercises and fun activities, all aimed at working towards their goals.

Young adults usually have exercises and a focus on work, social opportunities and community participation.

Sessions generally will often involve muscle or joint stretching, muscle strengthening, balance, co-ordination, body alignment, posture and skill development. Sue will be thinking about Orthopaedics (joints and muscles), Neurology (brain, nerves and muscle tone), the Senses (vision, hearing, touch, pressure), Child Development and your family’s unique strengths to develop an appropriate treatment plan for your child.
Sue understands your child participates in many different environments. It may be beneficial to have sessions at home, childcare, kinder, school, hydrotherapy pool, Leisure Centre, playground or another community setting. Then you or the staff can see directly how to implement therapy strategies within that setting.
Sometimes Orthotics and Equipment/ Assistive Technology can help your child to function better or participate more easily. Sue has experience with prescription of Orthotics and Equipment/ Assistive Technology. Sue is a registered provider with the Statewide Equipment Program (SWEP) and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Movement can be hard. Lots of kids have issues with gross motor skills.

Kids Physio can help you move better.


For example if you have:

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